Conditions of application and acceptance

The student is a graduate of the preparatory school branch with the support of the Iraqi Ministry of Education

Students accept this year’s graduates and previous years.

The graduates of the biomedical branch are entitled to apply to all faculties in the university (pharmacy, dentistry, medical lab techniques, nursing, forensic evidence)

The required documents must be submitted according to the conditions, including the preparatory study document containing grades and approved by the Directorate of Education within one week from the date of submission, otherwise acceptance is considered canceled.

The required documents for submission

The preparatory study document (original copy) in grades stamped with the stamp of the school and certified by the Directorate of Education concerned with a color photocopy

The application form is stamped with the stamp of the school that graduated from it and certified by the relevant Directorate of Education

Original Civil Status ID with a color photocopy or standard card

Certificate of Iraqi nationality with original color photocopy

A medical report that supports student safety from communicable and contagious diseases

Modern color photographs of 6 and 6 * 4


The student is registered in a systematic manner after the issuance of an administrative order accepted by one of the faculties of the university, as the student delayed the non-submission of the required documents two weeks after the start of the study is canceled and accepted by the university

The student who accepts the university must join the study within a period of not more than one week from the start of the academic year without a legitimate excuse and otherwise his acceptance is canceled and his right to claim tuition

A student who is accepted in a university college is entitled to a written objection to the students’ affairs if he does not wish to accept the acceptable section within one week of acceptance and rejects the objection applications received after this period. Whatever the reasons