College of Dentistry


College Vision:

The academic and academic institutions in today’s world are vital to the advancement of science and technology, Our vision is to achieve excellence and leadership among local dentistry colleges.

The message


The mission of the College of Dentistry is to contribute to the service of society by raising the level of health of citizens and provide the community with dentists with a high level of scientific, theoretical and practical efficiency to achieve the university goal ,The College also has a humanitarian message in the development of culture and health awareness and raising the health level of the people of the province, especially in terms of treatment and prevention of oral and dental diseases.



1 – Prepare qualified staff of dentists to meet the needs of society.
2 – Developing faculty staff through their participation in seminars, conferences and courses inside and outside Iraq.
3 – Development of laboratories and the development of new laboratories containing the latest global technologies.
4- Providing consultation services by specialists to other graduate students through continuing education courses.
The development of the Faculty of Dentistry in the province of Dhi Qar is an important step in opening the specialization of specialized colleges in order to integrate the medical group in our province. Hence, the need to open the Faculty of Dentistry, especially after the availability of teaching staff to carry out this task.