Planning and Follow – up Division



The department is responsible for developing plans and future visions of the university and following up on them and striving to elevate the scientific disciplines at the university to consolidate the scientific concepts of the planning process and make them an essential tool in order to advance the progress of scientific progress to the imam and push the university to keep abreast of the scientific development by representing its objectives and mission within future plans. The planning process leads the institution to work in a scientific, systematic and thoughtful manner, in addition to providing the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and other state departments with various statistical data and information on the overall activities at the university. The department seeks to achieve an integrated statistical system that meets all needs. In addition to preparing studies on the development of colleges and scientific departments at the university and its faculties, and working on the development of the primary curriculum and its systems and approval, the establishment of advanced training courses, supervision of training programs prepared by the colleges and institutes of the University.




To create a wide and broad database enabling colleges, centers and departments to create a clear and lasting picture of their scientific levels and indicators of progress.
Building future plans for the development of education within a relatively stable educational policy based on the needs of the labor market.
Put future visions of the University in accordance with new experiences and experiences, civilizational friction and continuity of race and excellence.
Review education programs constantly to give them the flexibility that makes them able to deal with reality.
Assisting in laying the necessary foundations and criteria for the planning process in the administrative, financial and academic fields, preparing the plans for all university activities and coordinating with the planning units in the university formations to work on developing a mechanism to implement the planning methodology in various fields.
Prepare plans studies on the required expansion of the University in accordance with its objectives and directions and identify the administrative, academic and technical needs of the University.
Cooperation and coordination with the Department of Engineering at the University regarding the projects of ages and investment projects required for the development of the university and its ages.
Preparing the annual scientific plan of the university and following up its implementation.
Preparing the performance efficiency evaluation calendar for the university.
Preparing and organizing the actual and technical owners according to the approved official rules and regulations
Organizing financial administrative owners of the faculties of the university in accordance with the official instructions.
Preparing statistical reports for the university’s center, colleges and centers.
Performing the administrative development tasks of the university and its colleges and centers.
To formulate clear objectives of the university and to study the general means to achieve these goals.
Evaluating the annual progress within the planned development plan (within the strategic plan).
Periodic follow-up to the activities of the university presidency and its formations, comparing the current performance with the pre-performance and planning its future performance.
Follow-up books for courses and candidates.
Follow-up to what is referred to the department of ministerial correspondence in coordination with the university and its formations.
Continue to identify the future needs of colleges and departments through expansions in the development of colleges and scientific departments and work on scheduling these needs and determine the requirements of buildings and equipment.
Know the general criteria used in planning, monitoring and performance monitoring for the purpose of evaluating and developing software compatible with the scientific potential in order to raise the scientific level and improve the proportion of the data of the current stage.
The Planning and Planning Division includes the Statistics Division, the Planning, Training and Development Division and the Data and Information Division.


Data and Informatics Division


The Division is the link between the databases in the faculties and the departments of the Presidency. It is a technical division that supports its work using specialized software to maintain and update the University’s human resources databases.

Preparing a database for all university employees and their configurations and entering data on special programs on the computer. These include:

A list of teachers and staff members, including name, nationality, gender, general and exact specialization, date of birth, date of appointment, certificate, degree and date of acquisition, university post and the awarding state.
Preparation of teaching staff by department, department, gender, certificate, scientific title, and awarding state.
A list of the names of the teachers with their letters, letters, supervisors’ names and the donor section.
Sending changes to faculty members from changing a certificate, a scientific title, appointment, retirement, resignation, or change of position or long vacations to the Ministry for each month.

Updating the monthly teaching database (granting a scientific title, transfer, resignation, death, promotion)
Names and preparation of lecturers.
Preparing the statistical reports of the university’s center, its colleges and centers, and determining the affiliation of the university staff and staff.
Check and follow up all forms of the staff and staff system.
Preparation of monthly seminars with representatives of databases in the faculties and departments of the university for cooperation and coordination to achieve its implementation.
Alumni Bulletin for each year.
Email to university.
Library statisticians monthly.
A database of teachers to leave work and new appointees.
Updating the monthly teaching database.
Providing technical and analytical advice to database system designers such as staff and teachers system and submitting proposals in the design of the database, programs, reports and statistics needed by the university and the Ministry of Higher Education.
Developing and modernizing the system in the university regarding human resources management.

Statistics Division

Functions of the Division
Preparing the annual report of the university
Answer the reports received from the external control.
University Statistics.
Attend the statistics meetings in Baghdad.
University Admission Plan.
Answer the books received from the ministry and from other universities.
Save and receive mail and answer the presidential sections with internal notes.
Monthly update of university statistics.
The Oracle program was installed by the Computer Center and the data of the University employees were entered by the teachers, employees, contracts and procedure.
The annual report, which contains tables for preliminary studies and research concerning the professors, allowances and courses for university employees, projects and financial expenses as well as conferences.
Survey of the cars of the state of addition or theft or malfunction of vehicles and equipment belonging to the university only.
Statistics of graduate students.
Survey of nurseries.
Acceptance Plan.
Survey of parallel education and vocational and development training.
Number of displaced students.
Numbers of students marching their restrictions.
The statistical program prepared by the Ministry.
Planning, Training and Development Division

The Division of Studies is one of the most important divisions of the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up in the Presidency of the University, as this Division carries out the tasks and ongoing activities that concern, inter alia:

Development of colleges, institutes, branches, departments, centers, divisions, units, curricula and school systems.
This department also obtains the necessary approvals for the purpose of changing the name of a college, department or branch.
Follow up minutes of meetings.
University calendar .
Preparing the five and twenty year plans.
In addition to this, the Division conducts fundamental correspondence for the purpose of naming a graduation course for each academic year.
Develop the annual training plan for university employees, colleges and centers in implementation of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 361 of 24/3/1983, and submit it to the Assistant President of the University for administrative affairs for approval.
Dissemination of the plan to the university formations (colleges and centers) for the purpose of nominating their candidates after coordination with the continuing education in the specialized colleges for the purpose of implementing the training programs included in the above plan.
Follow up the implementation of the paragraphs of the training plan in coordination between the units of continuing education.