Scientific Assistant for Scientific Affairs at the National University of Science and Technology




Tasks of Scientific Assistant


The Office of the Scientific Assistant to the President of the University is briefed on several tasks:



1- Coordinating with the faculties of the university regarding the progress of the educational process of our dear students in practical and theoretical aspects, and follow-up of the teaching assistants in accomplishing their duties in the best manner and coordinating with them in finding suitable solutions for the obstacles.

2 – Follow-up scientific laboratories of the University and provide technical and scientific needs of laboratory equipment and materials and other requirements.

3. Follow-up of the students’ affairs and study the conditions of the students in order to complete their requirements and provide them with supporting letters tothe concerned departments as well as their constant commitment and issuing the relevant books.

4 – Openness to the departments and colleges in the corresponding public universities with a view to coordinating the follow-up of the curriculum and standardization of the scientific departments, especially for the students of the completed stages to prepare for the examinations.

5- Joint cooperation with the universities in the framework of joint scientific research of the corresponding competencies.

6 – The establishment of conferences, workshops, symposia and scientific forums for the specializations carried out by our university and attracting distinguished lecturers.

7. Coordination with other public universities to hold seminars and workshops in the field of implementation of the government program and the course system that is expected to be applied to the Iraqi universities in the next academic year.

8 – sending the teaching staff to participate in courses of teaching methods and Arabic language and others in the continuing education centers of public universities, especially the University of Dhi Qar as prerequisites for granting the title.

9 – Cooperation with the faculty of teaching competence at the University of Dhi Qar to test the validity of teaching for the newly appointed for the purpose of granting them a scientific title.

10- To assume the responsibility of the scientific promotion committee and evaluate the research for those who intend to provide scientific promotion of any level according to the approved regulations of the ministry.

11 – Follow up the formation of the examination committees to carry out various tasks of the conduct of examinations and the organization of exam halls and degrees of pursuit and schedules of monitoring and completion of Master Shit.

12 – Activate the mechanism of twinning with government colleges because of their positive impact on the educational process.