college of Nursing

The College was established in 2014 in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. Its goal is to prepare nursing staff with scientific and practical competence in line with the scientific and technical development and provide preventive and therapeutic nursing services that enhance the health level of the individual, family and society


College Vision


The Faculty of Nursing seeks in light of the University’s vision to be a scientific beacon with local leadership and regional excellence in the fields of nursing education, scientific research and

community service.

College Message

Preparing academically and professionally qualified cadres to provide nursing care focused on the patient in the health institutions through the provision of educational programs and scientific research with a special commitment to values ​​and customs and community norms.



 Objectives college of Nursing

Updating educational programs and linking them to the needs of the community and the labor market.
Improving and developing the educational environment and infrastructure.
Providing educational experiences from faculty members capable of transferring knowledge and skills and providing high quality educational opportunities for students.
Developing the teaching, professional and research capacity of faculty members.
To deepen students’ understanding of outstanding nursing skills to provide comprehensive nursing care.
The preparation of nurses and nurses with high skill and competence in the provision of nursing care according to the international academic standards in nursing and in accordance with Islamic principles and ethical and professional controls.
Encourage scientific research and undertake nursing research aimed at solving priority health problems in the local community.
Analyzing and studying the problems of the nursing profession and contributing to the advancement of the profession.
Improve and develop the competencies of the administrative body to be in line with the changes and needs of the college.
Enhancing the role of the college in serving and developing the society and keeping pace with the scientific development in nursing and continuing education.