International Day of Teaching and Learning for life

The President of the National University of Science and Technology addresses a speech on the occasion of the International Day of Teaching and Lifelong Learning
The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Laibi Al-Rubaie addressed a speech on the occasion of the International Day for Teaching and Learning for Life, in which he stated:
On the occasion of the International Day for Learning and Lifelong Learning, a celebration of education is held on January 24 of each year, as the United Nations General Assembly declared this day an international day of learning to achieve the goals of human development, as education plays an important role in eliminating poverty and ensuring the provision of comprehensive education for all. And promoting life-long education, I am pleased to extend my highest congratulations and blessings to university professors and students, wishing them more tender to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of our esteemed ministry, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as our university believes that community service is among its priorities and has embodied this through the implementation of many programs With different segments of society to build capacity and local development with participation, and provide support in the difficult circumstances that the country has gone through under the weight of the Corona pandemic.
In conclusion, we ask Him, Blessed and Exalted be He, for success and payment to our esteemed ministry and our beloved universities to cross our students to safety.
God grants success

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