Fatima Taher Mohsen

Full name and surname: Fatima Taher Mohsen Ali Al-Mousawi

Scientific Title: Assistant Lecturer

General specialty: Science (Biotechnology)

Detailed specialty: Fungicide

Workplace: Teaching at the College of Nursing

Quorum materials: Microbiology.

Place of birth: Dhi Qar / Al-Shatrah District

Date of birth: 1/1/1994

Phone number: 07804228213

Fatima.talmosawi@gmail.com Email:

Names of the published research:

Study for the enzymatic activity of some fungi isolated from

agricultural soil

Brief profile of the lecturer: The BA was studied in the Faculty of Science / University of Kufa in the 2015-2016 graduation year

And master’s studies at Basra University / College of Science 2020

Currently teaching at the Faculty of Nursing, National University of Science and Technology

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