Manar Ghalib Abbas

Full name and surname: Manar Ghalib Abbas Mahdi Al-Husseini

Academic title: Teaching Assistant

General Specialty: Master of Life Sciences / College of Sciences

Detailed specialty: Parasites

Workplace: Teaching at the College of Nursing

Quorum subjects: Microbiology, second phase of the morning study + Quality Officer in the College of Nursing + Examination Committee

Place of birth: Dhi Qar / Shatrah

Date of birth: 08/30/1993

Phone number: 07730899826


Names of published research: None

Brief profile of the teacher: She graduated from a BA from Dhi Qar University / College of Education for Pure Sciences in 2016 and from a Masters in 2020 from the College of Science / Dhi Qar University, Religion: Muslim, Marital Status: Single

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