Electronic university short story competition

Electronic university short story competition 
To participate in the activity held by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, please read the conditions:

1- The stories should be exclusively written in Standard Arabic and free from spelling and grammatical errors.
2- That the number of pages should not be less than (1) and not more than (5).
3- The participant has the freedom to choose the topic, provided that it is free from politics, sectarianism, and shameful topics.
4- That the story has not been published electronically or on paper, or participated in any other competition.
5- That the story pages do not contain information about its author.
6- The participant has the right to participate in one story only
7- The post is sent in pdf (word) format.
8- The last date for receiving entries is Thursday 3/11/2021
9- Sending your work to the Student Activities Officer via the Telegram program at the following number

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