A lecturer at the National University / faculty of Pharmacy publishes research in Scopus containers

One of the lecturers of the National University of Science and Technology / College of Pharmacy / published a paper within Scopes containers that included measuring the level of antibodies in patients with hepatitis C virus

Evaluating Levels of Cell-Mediated Nk Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity in Hcv Infection of Iraqi Patients Riyad E. Abed1,2, Moatasem Al-Salih 3,

 1Faculty pharmaceutical, National University for Science and Technology, Iraq

2The General Directorate of Education, Thi-Qar Governorate, Iraq

 3UPSI university, Faculty of Science, Biology Department


HCV -specific binding antibody reactions, together with those mediating antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), delivered the best useful correlate of inferior risk of infection in the HCV vaccine clinical test. The aim of this study was to match two high-throughput current cytometry created methods to measure HCV -specific ADCC reactions, the GranToxilux and PanToxilux tests. Plasma from nine HCV seropositive individuals was separated for binding antibody titers against HCV subtype C gp120 by ELISA and western blot. Plasma from six HCV -negative individuals was involved as controls. Both ADCC analyses used subtype C gp120-coated CEM.NKRCCR5 cells as targets. The PanToxilux test (which measured together granzyme B and caspase reactive) measured complex levels of direct natural killer (NK) cell killing of K562 tumor cells than the GranToxilux test (granzyme B alone; p b 0.05). In ADCC examines in which NK cell killing was directed compared to gp120-coated CEM.NKRCCR5 cells in an antibody-dependent method, plasma from HCV -positive personalities yielded significantly higher levels of ADCC activity than the HCV-negative controls. In contrast to straight killing, the GranToxilux assay measured comparable levels of ADCC killing as the PanToxilux examine but had significantly lesser background cytotoxicity against target cells coated with HCV negative serum. In conclusion, the PanToxilux test was added sensitive for distinguishing direct NK cell killing of K562 cells than the GranToxilux test, while the GranToxilux test implemented enhanced at detecting HCV -specific ADCC activity, for the reason that of minor
background cytotoxicity from HCV negative serum.


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