The National University in cooperation with the Ministry of Health / Dhi Qar Health Department

Within its continuous coordination with ministries and government departments and its constant endeavor to build bridges of joint work and provide a suitable environment to develop and develop the skills and experiences of workers in the health sector, including students and employees, the National University of Science and Technology was honored to visit a delegation from the Health Department of Dhi Qar headed by Dr. Haider Hantoush, and the president of the university was Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Laibi Shamkhi welcomed them. The President of the University expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the Dhi Qar Health Department and its departments for the great role in facing the new epidemic of Corona and awareness methods to urge citizens to vaccinate. The university expressed its willingness to open its laboratories for health teams in order to vaccinate university students in preparation for the final exams and the academic year the new

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