About College of Pharmacy

Speech of Mr. Dean of the College of Pharmacy

At the beginning of this year … a bunch of young and full of vitality and generosity appears upon us, and they are the new students to take their place and enter our glorious history from its open doors, planting a new tree in the land of our beloved country. How not, who are the nominees of our noble society who carried them to us as a gift that we received with great capacity and welcome and adopted them responsibly and effortlessly and the understanding of our children and the men of our future so that we cooperate with each other and among them in a serious and expedient manner to achieve the desired goal, that goal for which your college came after long studies through which the need for Its presence in our university for the purpose of completing the pharmaceutical generation in our Iraq in general. And in order to prepare the teaching staff for the future, the college has appointed a number of holders of higher degrees to obtain in the pharmaceutical sciences and various supporting specialties in addition to its endeavor to attract distinguished professors in the related fields.

May God grant you success and guide you on the path to success in a continuous scientific march towards the heights. Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

Assistant Professor Dr.

Mohammed Sabar Abdul Reda



Excellence and creativity in pharmacy education, training and scientific research directed at developing pharmaceutical services dedicated to serving the patient and society and to be a productive and competitive pioneering college in pharmacy sciences in order to reach its goal for the best productive and competitive pioneering college in pharmacy sciences to reach its goal for the best globally

The message

The Deanship of the College of Pharmacy believes that building a pharmacist is the basis for a profession capable of serving the community and meeting its needs, its goal is manifested in learning, education, research and community service by providing a stimulating environment, distinct human resources, and academic curricula in harmony with the necessities and needs of the labor market, in order to prepare qualified and creative pharmacists As well as openness to health institutions and society to achieve partnership and sustainable development.


It is manifested in raising the capabilities of the faculty staff towards excellence, present and future, and creating a qualitative movement in their performance in accordance with the highest international standards in the knowledge, educational and research profession of pharmacy, as well as providing pharmaceutical services, and strengthening the college’s position in the classifications of colleges of pharmacy in Iraq and the world, and within the scope of balance between modernity In higher education and perpetuation of authenticity, represented by the local constants and values ​​of the country. Therefore, a number of goals can be defined as follows:

Attracting the best qualified human resources, qualifying and developing them to enable them to play their role in various fields of work.

Administrative development towards electronic governance and improving work methods.

Maximizing the financial resources of the college through the provision of pharmaceutical health services.

Enhancing the potential of the college and its sustainability.

Updating and developing primary studies curricula in accordance with global competition standards.

Improving and developing contemporary teaching methods that enhance the process of teaching and learning, developing thought and creative research among students of the College of Pharmacy.

Opening or developing branches and academic programs according to the requirements of the labor market and the needs of society.

Developing scientific research and directing it to serve the community.