Dentistry Clinics

Dentistry Clinics


Provides high-quality health services according to modern technology methods to contribute to the development of the system in the field of oral and maxillofacial health

The message

Providing distinguished health services under the supervision of an efficient, scientifically and practically skilled cadre, and using the best modern and advanced equipment and the latest knowledge reached within the framework of mutual trust and common ethical values ​​according to the highest quality standards


It gives information to students about identifying and measuring oral diseases in the community to achieve the goal of controlling and preventing diseases in the community through preventive programs

Formulating information in a way that enables students to understand and perceive Increasing students’ knowledge of methods of a dental examination in terms of caries and gingivitis.

Learn the subject-specific skills. Gain experience and information that helps him identify the disease and know its causes

Knowing the dental chair – the correct position for the patient and the doctor to sit, and methods for examining tooth decay, gingivitis, calcifications, and germ plaque that help him to be a successful dentist in dealing with patients and treating them Social services (including, for example, guest lectures, professional training, and field studies)