Dep of Quality Assurance

Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance

Department tasks: Follow-up of the university’s joints in cooperation with the colleges and scientific departments and educational laboratories at the university and work according to the orders and decisions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Supervision and Scientific Assessment Authority / Quality Assurance and Academic Performance Department, in addition to following up the entrance and progress of the university in the local and international classifications approved by The ministry.

Department vision:

Connecting the National University of Science and Technology to a distinguished center at the local, regional and global levels in the field of quality and academic and institutional accreditation.

Department Message:

Developing and evaluating the academic and institutional performance of the National University of Science and Technology by setting up plans to ensure quality and evaluate performance based on experience and capabilities to raise the level of university outputs.

Department Objectives:

Entering academic and practical competition between universities in Dhi Qar province and local universities and colleges.

Setting integrated programs in accordance with national and international standards and following up their implementation to achieve the vision, mission and goals of the department.

Keeping pace with development and modernity in implementing standards that contribute to achieving leadership in the field of quality, academic and institutional accreditation, and accredited local and international classifications.

Spreading the culture of quality through courses and seminars within the university to reach a high level in spreading this culture and its applications.

Monitoring and evaluating the efficiency of human resources at the university by following up the performance evaluation files and applying them with complete transparency.

Rehabilitation of educational laboratories in accordance with the standards and specifications that ensure the quality and modernity of laboratories at the university to serve the university and students and provide programs for community service according to what is appropriate with the current circumstances.

Department aspirations: The Quality Assurance and Academic Performance Department aspire to achieve the vision, mission, and goals of the department in addition to achieving the university’s goals and aspirations in terms of quality assurance and academic performance.