Women Empowerment Unit

Women Empowerment Unit

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has adopted ‎programs related to women’s empowerment in collaboration with Iraqi ‎universities and international organizations, where the Women’s ‎Empowerment Department has been established in the Ministry of ‎Higher Education and Scientific Research. This is because it is crucial to ‎develop female leaders in higher education, participate in the decision-making process, and have a consistent and effective presence in ‎leadership committees and positions. ‎

Vision: Enabling women to play a significant role in achieving sustainable ‎development in a nation that upholds all of their constitutional rights, ‎equips them to overcome obstacles, expands their roles in all spheres of ‎life, achieves full protection, and provides them with equal access to ‎economic, social, and political opportunities that allow them to improve ‎their capacity to declare the nation’s affairs.‎

Message: In order for women to be effective and efficient community ‎members and leaders who participate in decision-making and influence ‎its formulation and strategic activation, in a way that meets the needs of ‎the country in the current and future stages, they must acquire, develop, ‎and use their knowledge, skills, and abilities.‎


‎1.‎ Promoting women’s participation in local and international ‎conferences will help them develop their scientific capabilities in ‎higher education‏.‏

‎2.‎ Increase the number of female leaders in the Ministry of Higher ‎Education by highlighting women’s accomplishments and skills‏.‏

‎3.‎ Getting the assistance of local and international organizations and ‎the international community to help put the United Nations ‎resolutions on women into action‏.‏

‎4.‎ Increasing women’s involvement in economic development through ‎funding ground-breaking initiatives and technology incubators‏.‏

‎5.‎ Improving the representation of women in the written, audio, and ‎visual media‏.‏

‎6.‎ Supporting young female researchers who conduct noteworthy ‎research at the PhD stage and at an early age, as determined by ‎specialist committees that choose noteworthy works in order to ‎encourage them‏.‏

‎7.‎ Honouring creative and accomplished Iraqi women in various ‎fields of expertise through awards for their work or the production ‎of documentaries on their accomplishments.‎