Top students

Top students

Top students in the College of Dentistry

1- Nour Al-Hoda Sohail Hammoudi, the first stage

2 Hussein Abbas Farhan. The first stage

3 Tiba Amjad Muhammad. The first stage

4 Ghazi Matar Mani’a. The second stage

5 Sheba Barzan Salem. The second stage

6 Aqeel Idan Hassan. The second stage

7 Sama Nawfal Ali. third stage

8 Musab Majid Nuri. third stage

9 Ali Mohan Abdel Hussein, third stage

10 Baneen Asaad Muhammad fourth stage

11 Mays Muhammad Musa. The fourth stage

12 Youssef Thaer Abdel Aziz. The fourth stage

13 Aya Haider Khalaf. The fourth stage

Top students