Pharmacological interventions for smoking cessation, hookah, and vape

Pharmacological interventions for smoking cessation, hookah, and vape

Treatments that help you quit smoking, hookah and vape.

In 2013 _ the Cochrane database of systematic reviews came out with a summary of 12 reviews and a major analysis study of 270 randomized test studies that included 100 thousand participants, on the effectiveness and comparison of some smoking treatments, the summary of the study was ((The most effective way to help quit smoking) It is the use of the Varenicline drug – and the method of replacing nicotine NRT with a mixture of different drug inputs – their effectiveness requires a period between 8 days to 12 weeks to give the desired results.

If you want to quit smoking, what are the steps and medications that can help you to quit smoking?

1_ Make the decision now without procrastination to quit smoking. Yes, the economic and psychological pressures of the pandemic push you to smoke and feel a sense of temporary relief, but the smoking habit may destroy your health in general – and if you continue to do so, you may take root in your personality, even the vibe has many problems and serious warnings about Fluid accumulation in the lung and infections, and it is not considered an alternative to smoking, because it contains risks of another kind.

2_ Ask your friends or family to help you take this step by understanding your condition and providing an atmosphere that helps you. Sports can also help you a lot, being busy with work, reading and video games, and staying away from friends who drag you to cafes, arkels, etc.

3_ Also try to eat nuts, fruits, sweets, dates, especially after waking up or after eating, because these times are the times that most require smoking for smokers. Also drink a lot of water.

4_ There is a drug called Varenicline, this last one that binds to nicotine receptors, one 1 mg pill twice a day for 12 weeks showed great efficacy compared with the placebo and with the NRT, Pfizer version of the brand name chantix and the India version Champix ,, that it is better if you wanted to take it should be with a prescription Paper and doctor supervision.

5_ We now move on to the second best option, which you can take without a prescription, NRT or nicotine replacement, instead of smoking, you only take the nicotine substance that your body is in a state of addiction to, and after a period of time reduces nicotine in half, until you reach a stage in which your body does not need For smoking or nicotine.

Here, you can take it in the form of an hourly spray (2 sprays) in the nose / you can combine nicotine patches on the skin with a 21 mg adhesive daily for 6 weeks, or you can use 4 mg nicotine gum every hour to two hours. And every 4 weeks, it reduces the amount until it reaches the stage without taking anything. These treatments can help you to quit smoking within 8 days, but it is better to continue at least 6 weeks to 12 weeks.

And remember, if you have diabetes, heart problems, or take blood thinners, it is best to consult your doctor before applying the above

Prepared and coordinated by Dr. Ghazwan Faisal


Pharmacological interventions for smoking cessation, hookah, and vape