About University

The university Chancellor’s statement


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Welcome to our National University for Science and Technology. I am pleased to welcome you to this great scientific institution that serves as a vital hub for knowledge partnership in our country. We proudly shoulder our responsibility in delivering high-quality education, promoting scientific research, and fostering entrepreneurship. Our focus is on developing the skills and capabilities of our students to graduate as future leaders capable of facing the rapidly changing world. Our university also aspires to disseminate and enhance knowledge, expanding the scope of scientific and literary studies to be on par with globally renowned universities. We are committed to contributing to innovation and discovery, reviving our human and Islamic civilization. Our university strives to elevate the standards of education and scientific research, aligning with the policies of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to achieve the desired progress. We believe that the role of the university goes beyond graduating students; it involves embracing knowledge as a core element of quality education. We see providing a fertile ground for innovation and creativity as essential. We seek to encourage creative and innovative thinking, by adopting qualitative educational systems. In the midst of challenges and aspirations, we consider the National University for Science and Technology a bright gateway for creativity and progress. We pledge to strengthen its role in building the future and serving the community. We work diligently to achieve our vision and foster a culture of innovation and excellence among our students and faculty. In conclusion, I express gratitude to everyone who contributed to building this scientific institution, and we look forward to a bright future full of achievements and progress. Thank you.