Administrative Assistant

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The administrative and financial assistant department of the president of the university consists of departments (administrative, financial, legal, and service) which are considered the main engine of the university’s activity and the management of vital facilities and are considered a fundamental joint in the university administration, which works to reach the university to a distinguished position by activating the working cadres for advancement With human energies in order to provide service at a high level.

The message

Contributing to the provision of distinguished services in all areas by following the basic values ​​(quality of performance and teamwork) and laying the foundations for evaluating collective performance and completing job descriptions.


Providing modern training programs for employees to raise their level of performance.
Approaching the official authorities to find opportunities to train cadres.
Encouraging employees and technicians to participate in the workshops established in other institutions by implementing the incentive system.
Providing an attractive university environment.
Optimizing the available funding sources and controlling expenditures.
Preserving the university’s image and reputation, which should not be scratched.