Center for Continuing Education

Speech of Mr. Director of the Center for Continuing Education

The center is a specialized center concerned with development, continuing education, conducting research and scientific studies, and constitutes the main pillar in the responsibilities of the university administration to develop the capabilities of individuals and raise the level of knowledge and skill to value their performance and abilities and contribute to the development of society through the establishment of training and rehabilitation courses in various specialties.

The center is considered a link between the university and the community by providing general and specialized training programs that meet the actual training needs of the community, in order to provide the opportunity for the largest number of community members to benefit from the expertise and experiences available at the university, and the center seeks through the programs it provides to develop the necessary skills and expertise, and the availability of the environment Supportive and encouraging both in theory and practice.

Since its inception, the center has been keen on designing and implementing high-quality private training programs and workshops, through cooperation with various academic departments according to the actual needs of the community, and these programs have gained a great reputation, which is reflected in the increased demand from individuals and institutions to provide more of them.

The Development Center for Continuing Education is the arm extending from the university to the institutions of society and all its children, and the center translates the belief of those in charge of the university and its management in the pivotal role in deepening the interconnectedness and communication between it and the institutions of the surrounding community, and the center keeps pace with all new developments in the field of computers, human and professional development courses, And administrative accounting, as it holds courses for university students and the local community in various academic, scientific and technical fields in pursuit of enriching their scientific and knowledge outcomes, and supplying the local market with qualified hands with scientific and technical competence, investing capabilities, energies, and the qualified academic and technical staff available at the university, as well as By holding courses for university employees and workers in various fields, which would contribute to improving their job and professional performance.

Assistant Lecturer Ahmed Mohammed Hashim
Director of the Center for Continuing Education