Department of Scientific Affairs

Department of Scientific Affairs:

The department’s tasks: follow-up scientific research on the teaching staff of university colleges, follow up on scientific promotions, follow-up training procedures for students in hospitals, follow up on continuing education activities, follow up on the belongings of the teaching staff and university calendar.

Department vision:

For the National University of Science and Technology to be distinguished at the scientific and research level, and for the university to have an effective role in the development of the province in various fields.

Department Message:

Relying on planning, setting scientific strategies, and organizing scientific programs that contribute to spreading scientific awareness in accordance with the instructions and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and in a manner that serves the community.

Department Objectives:

Establish support mechanisms for scientific research and encourage researchers to pay attention to the quality of scientific research.

Establishing a solid base of human resources with competence and scientific capabilities and developing these capabilities in a way that suits the aspirations of the university.

Motivating and promoting various scientific activities and opening doors for cooperation with counterpart institutions locally and internationally.

Organizing work according to the principles, instructions, and regulations issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding scientific affairs.

The department’s aspirations: The scientific department is looking forward to achieving the scientific goals of the department and the institution and that the university occupies advanced ranks at the scientific and research level, locally and internationally.