Procedures of SDG

  1. National University of Science and Technology Energy has not allowed smoking on its campus since it opened in 2017, with the exception of designated areas that have been designed with effective ventilation and air extraction systems in order to promote a better environment for learning and working as well as to comply with health institutions’ efforts and THE Impact Ranking policy of good health and wellbeing (SDG3).
  2. In accordance with the regulations of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the National University of Science and Technology constantly promotes and assists women who are interested in careers in education, including teaching, research and development projects, employment, and academic staff. The National University of Science and Technology continuously monitors the participation of female students, including their applications, enrolment, academic performance, and degree completion. The university formed a special committee to empower women, and the committee has conducted many events, training workshops, and courses to empower women in the community of Thi-Qar Governorate.
  3. The university formed a sustainable development unit, and the committee carried out many events, training workshops, and courses to promote the principle of sustainable development in the society of Thi-Qar Governorate. The unit seeks for the National University of Science and Technology to reach an advanced position locally and globally in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030. Through planning and collaborating with faculty and students in the college’s scientific departments, the unit plays a key role in accomplishing the SDGs. Therefore, the emphasis will be on putting the sustainable development goals into practice as well as creating a sustainable campus through knowledge, competition, partnerships with all parties, and increasing staff and student capacities. In order to attain sustainable development goals in a balanced way, this is done using a scientific methodology that is in line with the most effective contemporary worldwide methodologies.

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