Public Relations and Media

Public Relations and Media

Today, as Director of the Department of Public Relations and Media, I am pleased to write an introductory overview of the department and its effective course in the university and society.

The Department of Public Relations and Media is one of the departments of effective importance at the university due to the tangible role it offers in building relationships and interconnection between public and private institutions and strengthening the bonds of joint cooperation between the university and other institutions. Defining the role, mission, and importance of academic and technical achievements and work, and how the university contributes to serving the community by building a positive image for its students from the services they provide for the public interest and covering the market with highly qualified graduates with what they have gained from education and refinement of their profession in the future,

The Department of Public Relations and Media covers all classroom and classroom student activities to inform the world of what is happening, what is being organized, when, where, and why these activities are held and the extent of their contribution and effective realistic role in the internal and external community.

The Department of Public Relations and Media covers and publishes all events and activities through electronic platforms, including the activities of the university in general, and students and the teaching and administrative staff in particular,

The Department of Public Relations and Media looks forward to reaching the largest possible number of community members to consolidate the relationship between the two parties and to introduce more about the university’s achievements and services, its aspirations, and the future vision of this scientific institution.