The university chancellor office

The university president’s office is responsible for implementing the mission entrusted to him by the university president by virtue of his direct association with him, and as it is the executive and guiding authority for the president of the university, the university president’s office includes the director of the university president’s office

Classified Postal Communications Department

The detailed tasks of the office manager

Coordinate appointments for the university president

Receiving guests and auditors, whether they are students or otherwise, and direct supervision of receiving guests

Organizing the work of the office in all its administrative details

Printing university orders and internal letters inside and outside the university that are between the university and other official and unofficial bodies. .

Follow-up of important books to be answered immediately, whether from the deanships of the colleges or the scientific and administrative departments at the university.

Checking the incoming and outgoing mail from the President of the University

Inform the faculty deans of the important meeting dates and the directions of the university president

Organize confidential incoming and outgoing mail.

Save and follow-up teaching vacations.