Conditions of registration

Conditions of registration

1- students must be graduates of the preparatory school with and certified from the Iraqi Ministry of Education for the scientific, and biological high school branches or for the school of nursing for those wishing to apply to the College of Nursing.

2- acceptance includes graduates of this year and previous years.

3- Graduates of the scientific and biological branch have the right to apply to all faculties at the university (pharmacy – dentistry – pathological analysis – nursing)

4- The required documents must be submitted according to the conditions, including the preparatory study document containing the grades and certified by the Education Directorate within a week from the date of submission, otherwise the acceptance is considered null.

5- The age of the applicant for morning studies should not be more than 30 years in any case

6- Students who are over 30 years old or less are accepted in the evening shift, and competition is according to the average for the preparatory study and is considered a basis for differentiation

Conditions of registration