Regulations of registration

Regulations of registration

The middle school document (original copy) with grades stamped with the school’s seal and certified by the relevant education directorate with a color photocopy

The application form must be stamped by the school from which the student graduated and must be certified by the relevant education directorate

The original civil status ID with a color photocopy

A medical report confirming the student’s safety from communicable and infectious diseases

6 recent colored personal photos, measuring 4 * 6

The student is considered legally registered after the issuance of an administrative order to accept him in one of the departments of the college, and if the student is late in not submitting the required documents two weeks after the start of the study, his admission is canceled and his registration from the college is canceled

The student who is admitted to the college must enroll in the study within a period not exceeding one week from the date of the start of the school year, except with a legitimate excuse, otherwise his admission is revoked and his right to demand tuition fees is forfeited

Regulations of registration